Orthodox Christianity


Protection of the Mother of God's parish.

Address: Rue Leon Lepage 33
1000 Brussels

Liturgical language: French


Священник Адриан Алауи

Priest Adrian Alaouie - the rector
gsm 0473 233 117


On 18 May 1963, Archbishop Basil (Krivocheine) of Brussels and Belgium received into the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Moscow) a western community led by Archimandrite Joseph (Lamine). The following Sunday he consecrated the first canonical French-language Orthodox church in Belgium, the Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin in Brussels, in the Chausée d’Anvers, close to the Gare du Nord. In those days large numbers of Greeks emigrated to Belgium, and many of them worshipped in the parish. In 1976 the church moved to Avenue de la Reine, a few streets away, and then in 1994 back to the Chaussée d'Anvers. Since 2014 it is situated in a crypt of the Holy Trinity church at Leon Lepage street. The parish is officially recognized by the Belgian authorities.