Church in the honour of the icon of the Mother of God "Source of Life", Liège

Rue Ferrer 73,
B-4100 SERAING (Liège)
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Aрхиепископ Брюссельский и Бельгийский СИМОНArchbishop SIMON of Brussels and Belgium
Rue des Chevaliers, 29
Tel/Fax : +32.2/513.33.74


Liturgical language: Church-Slavonic

Worship: Sundays – Divine Liturgy at 10am

History: The parish was inaugurated on 29 October 2006, when the first Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Archbishop simon of Brussels and Belgium, accompanied by other clerics of the diocese and invited guests. Money for a church had been collected since 1991. In June 2006, after much searching, an appropriate building was found and purchased for the church.

29 октября 2006 г.